Hello, I’m Lukas and I’ve been photographing weddings for the past 6 years. Before that, I was working as wire photographer and event photographer for another 4 years.

Now, apart from personal projects, I mostly shoot weddings and other events within a 100 km radius around Bratislava, Slovakia where I’m based.

I concentrate on classic bold photojournalist style with proper composition, true color rendition, contrast, and always try to capture a comprehensive photo-essay of the event.

Because of my workload, I’m currently only accepting assignments that are of some personal interest. Take a look at a cross-section of my wedding candids and posed portraits, so you know what to expect when hiring me.


Q: How will you work with us before the wedding?
A: I will invite you to a meeting in my studio or a different place, say, a nice cafe, and go through all of your wedding plans. On this meeting, we decide on the scope and logistics and book the date. Then, I will stay in touch for any last minute ideas or changes that might occur in your wedding plans and see you again in early the morning of your big day.

Q: What should we count on during the wedding?
A: Between the morning preparations and the evening dinner, I will not leave the side of the bride, so you need to count me as +1 on all your journeys and reserve a spot in the car accordingly. Other than that and one evening meal, I’m fully self-sufficient, I see and shoot things as they come, preferably so that I’m not a direct influence on anything but just an unseen observer that mingles among the guests. I typically stay until or slightly after midnight to catch also the traditional midnight festivities.

Q: Finances: how early, how much?
A: Half (or at least 400 EUR) 30 days in advance, the rest when all final photos are delivered. Prices vary depending on travel convenience and other factors but typically don’t go below 800 EUR.

Q: What will we get from you?
A: I will pick, sort and edit hundreds of photos (typically more than 500) into a comprehensive photo-essay of the entire day so that every important situation is captured. I will give you both print-worthy large files and web-friendly smaller files on your personal USB flash drive. Upon agreement, I will also create an online album of your wedding that you can share with your friends, so they can view it perfectly on any connected device.

Q: Will you be willing to travel farther, even abroad?
A: Yes, it depends, let’s talk.